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Frosty lodgings all year round: Plans for a permanent ice hotel

ICEHOTEL has published plans by PinPin Studio to build a new ice hotel, complete with bar, art gallery and suites, that is to be open all year round instead of just in winter.   So far a complete new icy building thought up by different creative individuals has been erected every winter. Now the temporary lodgings are to gain a permanent addition, built using traditional methods and involving a sustainable energy concept to help keep the structure at a frosty temperature in summer months. This aim is to be achieved by harvesting and storing solar energy during the 100 days and nights of near-constant daylight that reign in the region every year. "This Initiative gives our guests the choice of whether to combine their stay at the ICEHOTEL with dogsledding races and northern lights or whether to go hiking under the midnight sun", says Yngve Bergqvist,  founder of the ice hotels. The aim is to open the permanent frosty lodgings in December 2016. 

Source: Contemporist

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