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From the depths of the earth to the bottom of our hearts: Photographs of Icelandic streams by Andre Ermolaev.

Photos: Andre Ermolaev.

The talented Russian photographer Andre Ermolaev has explored the natural beauty of Iceland’s streams and rivers from the air to create this incredible series of photographs.

The colours of the streams are entirely natural, and give an indication of the rich mineral content in the waters that surface contaminated by the volcanic activity below. The black soils set-off the colours of the rivers making them look abstract, even artificial.

It is not just the colours that are so captivating. The fluidity of the shapes and patterns are compelling too. As one current flows into another without properly mixing a natural complexity is created that seems to appeal to human perceptions in an almost primordial way.

Do other animals appreciate such beauty?

Gratitude to my modern met.

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