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Fear not: Demon Hill #2, by Julian Hober, New York.

Exterior if installation.

Photos: Harris Lieberman Gallery.

Californian artist Julian Hober is exhibiting this installation at a private New York Gallery. The piece is a variation on his well-known sculpture Demon Hill that he made for the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles in 2010-11.

The sculptor aims to make visitors feel deliberately uncomfortable with the use of distortions in the architecture such as entire rooms that are tilted.

The inspiration for the work is the idea of “gravitational mystery spots” which became something like roadside attractions in America. They were found where natural geological formations played a similar trick to the architectural ones that Hober is using. In the traditional version the illusion was often put down to a supernatural phenomenon.

Showing until October 24th , Harris Lieberman Gallery, New York.

Entrance from outside.

View from outside.

Interior shot

Another interior shot.Reverse view.

Installation at the Hammer Museum Los Angeles, 2011. Photo: Heather Rasmussen.

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