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Farm scrapers for Shenzen, China, by Vincent Callebaut Architects.

Images: Vincent Callebaut Architects.

A French firm, Vincent Callebaut Architects, has put forward a masterplan for Shenzen, China for six “farmscrapers”. To the uninitiated these are multi-storey allotment gardens with living accommodation. The form of each tower looks like a pile of …stacked pebbles but the form is dictated by three interlaced spirals giving a rationality to the apparent free -forms. The inspiration comes from “cairns”, ancient piles of stones left as markers by our forefathers.


It appears that this is an ideas proposal rather than a live project, but outdoor space, greenery, fresh air and sustainability are all live issues that are under consideration in every dense urban centre.

This proposal has an interesting structural system that features a central stiff core with each pod structurally circumscribed by steel rings. The rings are tied back to the core with simple Vierendeel beams.

Each pebble represents an eco-quarter which could develop its own unique identity depending on what is grown there.


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