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Far Out: Apartment House with Integrated Ski Slope

Slalom House, designed by Shokhan Mataibekov Architects in the Kazakh capital Astana, features a 326-metre ski slope which runs down from the roof of the building. If this project were to be realized, it would be the world’s first apartment house of its kind.

Despite the fact that Astana’s bitterly cold winters practically guarantee snow, there are hardly any opportunities for residents to enjoy winter sports. The nearest skiing area is a four-hour drive away. Architect Shokhan Mataibekov, himself a winter sports enthusiast, developed this house as a solution to the problem. The slope itself would be made of artificial snow (Snowflex) and offer skiing fun throughout the year.  

Although this project may sound a bit far out, Mataibekov said in an interview with CNN that there are interested parties who may want to realize his design. Along with 421 two-room apartments and the ski slope, the building would also accommodate shops and restaurants. We are excited to see whether the design will become reality.

Source: CNN

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