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Fantastic fence: Landscape fence by Heri & Salli

view of the bay

Modestly termed a 'landscape fence' I am reminded of paintings with innocuous titles that show explicit or profound imagery of some kind. Here an adventurous cocoon-like structure is a mysterious spatial and perhaps metaphorical exploration of the garden and the swimming pool that it envelops. Working with the idea of a rustic fence, Heri & Salli have explored the function, form and expression of a fence and conceivably a gazebo in this fascinating and technically adventurous project.

As a protective device the fence keeps out unwanted intruders and views but its meaning can perhaps take us back somewhat further. This fence creates a cocoon that envelops the thing it protects whilst also acknowledging an escape from that protection. The framed view it offers of the bay beyond, and the ability to swim out from under the cocoon into an area of the pool that is not covered.

The fence, or should that be womb, is made of steel and incorporates functional constructions such as laying areas, table and seating places that manifest as landscape elements or even outcrops or peelings from the cocoon.

Night shot of the cocoon

detail of the fence

cross scction

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