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Etgar Keret's House – perhaps the narrowest building in the world

Narrow building by architect Jakub Szczęsny Narrow-minded people sometimes inhabit big houses. So why not have broad-minded people live in narrow houses? We are talking really narrow here: the available space was a mere crack between two buildings in the Warsaw district of Wola in Poland.

Etgar Keret's House, designed by the architect Jakub Szczęsny of Centrala, is certainly not suitable for claustrophobics. The Israeli writer Etgar Keret however obviously has no problems in this regard – on the contrary, he is convinced that the 'house' designed for him offers excellent working and living conditions.

He will have an area of 14.5 m2 at his disposal – the width of furniture is limited to 1.22 metres to allow passage. The entrance steps descend and retract by remote control.

If a shortage of living space should ever make us have to resort to such extremes, perhaps we should also have a really good diet plan at the ready...

Interior of the perhaps narrowest building in the worldInterior of Keret HouseThe Spot between to buildings where Keret House is to be builtPlan for thinnest house in the world


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