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E-Power: Motorbike concept for Tesla

Elon Musk’s design and technology studio in California is already well-known for the inventor’s four-wheeled electric vehicles. Now a British designer has come up with an idea for an electric motorbike.

Until now, only manufacturer KTM and Harley-Davidson have worked on producing electric motorcycles. But Jans Shlapins, a designer currently living in London, is sure he has the perfect concept for Tesla: a design that stays true to the contours of Tesla’s four-wheeled electric vehicle. Shlapins calls his concept the Tesla Model M.

This two-wheeler is driven by a 204-horsepower electric motor which allows the driver to choose among four computer-operated driving modes: race, cruise, standard and eco. The engine is powered by lithium-ion batteries mounted onto the underside of the body.

The bike has no gears. Where the gas tank is found on other motorcycles, this one has a trunk large enough to stow a helmet. Maybe the roar of passing motorbikes will soon become a rarity.

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