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Dome stool by Studio Toer.

Photos: Studio Toer


As a child I was fascinated with Barbara Hepworth's Winged Figure and used to make 2d facsimiles by hammering nails into wood and winding thread around the nails to recreate a superficial resemblance to the masterpiece.

This stool, designed by Studio Toer seems to extend that simple idea into the third dimension. It uses a circular arrangement of that basic technique to create a wire dome that can be sat upon.

The natural circle formed by the tangents of each wire is very beautiful indeed.

Is it comfortable? I suspect it might be if the wires used in the construction are flexible enough to yield under load. I also wonder how thin the wires could be without permanently deforming.

That is not the point I suppose!


Barbara Hepworth's Winged Figure 1963.  Photos: Justinc/ Wikipedia.

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