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Ekspozita Building, Mario Cucinella Architects

Dialogue with Tirana’s local mountain: Ekspozita Building by Mario Cucinella Architects

The Ekspozita Building, a mixed-use structure designed by Mario Cucinella Architects, is coming about in the heart of Tirana. The 93 metre tall edifice not only contains apartments, office space and public amenity spaces but thanks to its unusual form language also encompasses a generously-sized green space. From here the verdure continues upwards in the form of dense plantings on the higher curved storeys. In contrast, the inward-facing balconies convey a feeling of protection from the hectic pace of life in the city. A smaller, two-storey extension building will serve as a kindergarten.

The geometric indentation on the rear part of the Ekspozita Building is in direct reference to the topography of the nearby Dajti mountain. The structure will be highly insulated, doing away with the need for heating and cooling. Despite the use of extensive glazing, the shaping of the volume and passive measures will contribute to solar shading as well as prevention of overheating in the summer months.

The design team calculates that the building will use 30 percent less energy than other comparable projects. Construction is to begin this year, with the project scheduled for completion in 2023.

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Team: Mario Cucinella, Marco Dell’Agli, Eurind Caka, Biagio Amodio Kseniya Shkroban, Antonino Cucinella, Laura La Mendola
Concept: Michele Olivieri, Giovanni Sanna, Biagio Amodio
Model makers: Yuri Costantini, Andrea Genovesi

Visualiser: Mario Cucinella Architects, Giovanni Checchia, Francesco Naimoli

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