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Desk and bed in one by Mira Schröder

Schreibtisch-Bett-1Although it could save workaholics a lot of time between workspace and bed, this piece of furniture is primarily intended for people living in cramped quarters.

Thought out by the designer Mira Schröder, who lives and works in the Bless creativity collective in Berlin, the desk-cum-bed is a practical idea: when paperwork has been done and the desk is no longer needed, it can be unlatched and then, at the press of a button, rotated to the underside. Voilà – you have a bed. And when the desk is needed again, you rotate the bed away complete with the bedclothes, meaning they don't have to be removed and also protecting them from dust. Depending on how you see it, the only downside – or maybe advantage – is the necessity to take everything off your desk before going to bed but enough storage room is provided for that at the sides of the furniture item.


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