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Crystal clear: Louis Vuitton emporium, Seoul South Korea by Manuelle Gautrand Architecture.

Images: Manuelle Gautrand Architecture.


The brand famous for luxurious bags and cases has a sparkling eye on pre revolutionary France as Manuelle Gautrand Architecture unveils designs for the L.V. store in Seoul. Taking inspiration from the French glass making traditions found in the Palace of Versailles, the store façade promises to be a jewel-like statement that fashion and architecture can be synonymous.

Around 1678, well before Louis the XVI went to the guillotine, France was at the forefront of glass making technology. This skill was most memorably manifest in the Baroque masterpiece of the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles. This tradition of glass and crystal making still resonates in France and has inspired the designs for the L.V. store in Seoul.

The architect has invested considerable effort in the façade as a feature, and emblem for the brand.

Not unlike Louis XIV!

Night shot of the store.

Interior shot.

Store interior.

Plain render

Concept image.

Gratitude to evolo for drawing the project to my attention.


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