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Creative canopy: San Francisco by Aidlin Darling Design.

Photos: Matthew Millman.

Dating from 2009 this canopy designed by Aidlin Darling Design was fairly leading edge for its time, even if it looks simple enough now.

It used early NURBS modelling software to get the curves which then created the cutting paths for the individual ribs. In the end, after testing CNC milling it was decided to use a laser cutting process which was cheaper. Charring of the rib material, a consequence of laser cutting, was not an issue as the ribs were to be painted a dark charcoal grey.


On the interior, the ribs were cut from MDF whilst the exterior used MDO (medium density overlay) for better weather resistance. The ribs are suspended from metal hooks laser-cut into a plate rail fixed back to a plate stock hanger that in turn is fixed to the timber structure above.

This was an elegant and legible solution to the fixing issue which made site installation speedy.

Interestingly the underpinning technology of machine controlled cutting was first explored by various artists in the late 1960s!


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