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Cloud House, Matthew Mazzotta, Springfield

Cloud House by Matthew Mazzotta

The cloud house created by the American artist, architect and activist portrays a unique rain-harvest system that works creatively with falling rainwater. The house installation also serves a didactic purpose by shedding light on the functions of natural systems and plant growth.

On rainy days, the rainwater that falls on the roof is collected in an eavestrough system and channelled into a storage container underneath the house. Sitting and rocking in the rocking chairs switches on the pump that brings the collected rainwater into the “cloud” above the house so that the rain can fall onto the edible plants growing on the windowsills. This simple demonstration illustrates the meaning of water circulation.

The cloud house, which is made of wood and has a tin roof, stands near an abandoned farm. The house with the rocking chairs on its wooden floors and the sound of rain in the background is an embodiment of a rural idyll from times past, but also a warning reminder of our dependence on the fragile balance of natural systems.     

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