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Ceramic sculptures, Tokyo by France Goneau.

The Canadian ceramist France Goneau, is celebrating her six month residency in the Studio du Québec, Tokyo with a public exhibition at the Prince Takamado Gallery, Tokyo.

She first began to explore ceramics in Japan in 2010 at the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park where she became interested in experimenting with the Japanese ceramic tradition. There she produced her first sculptures that mixed ceramics with textiles.

Goneau considers these works as landscapes influenced by nature and architecture. She uses abstraction and scale variations as well as rhythm, dissection and transformation to produce highly original works around the theme of ornamentation.

It is interesting that her works attempt to explore the function of ornamentation as well as the effect that ornamentation has on the function of the object or thing that has been decorated. Some of the pieces look almost wearable, and are suggestive of certain items of woman’s clothing.

One penetrating question raised by this exhibition concerns the role of clothing and fashion.


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