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Celebration of Japanese Architects Momoyo Kajima & Yoshiharu Tsukamoto with the RIBA awards

Aerial view

Tonight Momoyo Kajima & Yoshiharu Tsukamoto of Atelier Bow-Wow, Japan, will be made honorary international members of the Royal Institute of British Architects, part of the The RIBA Gold Medal 2012 event. This honour is given to non-UK practitioners for, what is considered by the RIBA, their particular contribution to the architectural field and profession. So in the spirit of the award and the evening, I would like to explore one of their projects, Miyashita Park, Tokyo, completed last year.

The practice to date has made its name working in dense situations. Split Machiya is a good example of one of the confined sites on which they have worked. Miyashita Park then, is by comparison a good scale up, but the density of the context is the same and it is this density that makes most European architects feel short of breath! The programme for the park includes amongst other things: green and dreaming spaces, climbing, and skateboarding. It is impressive that they have managed to fit so much in. In comparison to the size of the average Tokyo dwelling this park seems like the Great Outdoors! Learn about the practice here.

Climbing area

Skate bowl


Walking area


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