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Cartoon-like clarity: Light and drawers by Peter Bristol.

Photos: Peter Bristol.

Looking at these products, both designed by Peter Bristol in the USA, one is struck by the clear continuity of thought running through them, that contains humour and sophistication.

The products themselves have extraordinary power in their simplicity, and seem to represent a touchstone from which the designer draws inspiration for much of his work.

The Training Dresser, (not a particularly attractive name) appeals to children with its graphic, cartoon-like simplicity on the one hand, but parents too with its clean lines and obvious design sophistication. This is not an easy chasm to bridge but this product seems to do it effortlessly.

Likewise, the corner light seems to acknowledge the architecture of a room, and would look just as much at home in a Manhattan penthouse as it would in a child’s play room.

Is this ability to transcend barriers and preconceptions with design, in par,t what it is all about?


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