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Caravan in the flat: The Kempart Loft , Liege, Belgium by Deithier Architectures.

Photo credits: Serge Brison.

It might look like somebody has left an Airstream in a loft, but this design for a loft apartment in Liege, Belgium, by Deithier Architectures is rather more sophisticated than that.

The central feature is a thin aluminium clad shower and WC pod that also forms a spatial divider between sleeping and living spaces. Its gleaming rounded silver polished form, is more than slick, it is the perfect foil to the course split timbers of the old roof that have been left exposed, but painted white.

Open the flush panel doors on one side and the TV is revealed, on the other and the brightly coloured interiors of the wet areas bring a ray of sunshine and spring into the monochromatic apartment.

And then … there is the roof terrace.

Gratitude to Architizer.

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