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Bunker mentality: Office in a bunker, White mountain, Stockholm by Albert France Lanord Architects.

The bunker meeting room.

I do not suppose that many architects could boast they had built a bunker, but I imagine even fewer could say they converted one into an office. Albert France Lanord Architects have that rare distinction for their conversion of the White mountain bunker under Vita Berg Park in Stockholm.

If you ever fancied yourself as Bond, but failed the audition with Cubby Broccoli, this might be your chance!

A Swedish internet company has converted a former nuclear shelter into office rooms and a meeting space.

Visitors to the lair, sitting through a boring meeting, can imagine saving the planet by fighting their way into the boiler room to switch off the air conditioning. Their reward? Well of course they get the girl! But for the poor workers, what is their destiny? Dunked in the tea urn no doubt!

The plant room.

Detail of meeting room.

A fish tank.

A corridor.

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