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Bright and beautiful: Experimental pottery by Takuro Kuwata.

The experimental Japanese potter and artist Takuro Kuwata has a passion for creating bright pots that make people feel happy when they see them. He finds artistic expression through the natural qualities and characteristics of the materials he works with.

In this series of pieces there is a development in the idea that certain aesthetic qualities are contained, but concealed within the same piece. To appreciate the entirety, the individual qualities must be revealed which in the process creates an aesthetic tension thus completing the work.

The basic artistic concept is explored in two ways: One sees a thick external glaze / layer added to a brightly coloured but plain pot. In the process of creation, the thick outer layer cracks and peels in a natural and uncontrolled way. The resulting pattern contrasts with the plain, smooth pot beneath.

In the second development of this idea the plain brightly coloured pot is now pitted with small eruptions from within the body of the material, suggesting that another layer of … activity / emotion / disturbance is occurring previously undetected beneath the surface.

Takuro Kuwata was born in Hiroshima and graduated from the Kyoto Saga University of Arts. He his widely recognized as one of the leading contemporary potters in Japan and his work has won many awards. He has also had a number of one-man exhibitions.

Takuro Kuwata is currently exhibiting at Salon 94 Bowery in New York from the 18th January to the 25th February.

Read the artist's his profile.


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