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Blossom gate by Studio Preteck, Xiangyiang.

View by day.

Images: Preteck.

Gateways have significance as thresholds from one physical place to another. But the physical gateway can also mark the transition between states of mind.

The Chinese tradition of calligraphy is about harmony between man and nature, or expressed differently, balance between man and nature. It therefore seems appropriate that this gateway proposed by Viennese practice Studio Preteck takes calligraphic letters and flowers as the inspiration for the design of the gateway to China's largest botanical garden in Xiangyiang.

The gate is seen as a unifying element rather that a mark of division or transition. It will serve as a symbol of unity and harmony and it is anticipated that it will form the backdrop to many a wedding photograph.

View by night.

View from beneath.

Model image.

View from the other side.



Gate diagram.

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