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Ascetic adventure: Casa Viva, Asia, Peru by Gomez De La Torre and Guerrero architecs.

Photos: Gomez De La Torre and Guerrero architects.

This house is conceived by Gomez De La Torre and Guerrero architects in 2009 as something like an ascetic retreat, though granted, not one that a famous ascetic such as St Francis of Assisi might understand!

The design relies on sliding walls and surfaces, to create a reconfigurable series of spaces that constantly play with the threshold of indoor and outdoor.

On the exterior, the form suggests a box with side walls removed to reveal the interiors, but this is deceptive. Beyond are further screens and glass walls to the true interior. There is a sense of always something to discover.

Movable walls reveal shady or sunny places and allow cross ventilation throughout the house allowing its comfortable occupation throughout the day and night.

elevation image.

Night perspective.

Interior courtyard.

Lounge area.

View of stairs.

Lounge area.

Detail of lounge.

Retractable roof.

Courtyard from the roof.


Plans 1.

Plans 2

Plans 3.

Gratitude to arquimaster.

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