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Art from the ashes: 'Tension' by Emogayu.

testies and egg

With her studio now in Brooklyn, New York, instead of Tokyo where she formally worked, the Japanese ceramics artist Emogayu has taken both inspiration, and ingredients, from her local pizza takeaway to inform and make her delicate art!

Using ash from the pizza ovens as an ingredient in the glaze of her pottery might seem a strange thing to do, but it has sustained the 'Tension' series of pieces for over two years.

Each year, the artist prepares an installation of her work in some kind of unconventional space. She sees this as a collaboration with the space itself. She tries to capture the sensual essence of the space through the objects placed within them, also drawing attention to the objects themselves.

The passage of each project is a slow one, and can last for several years. Tension, whose idea is to expose spontaneous human, social and family connections, has already changed focus once. It may do so again.

egg and testies close

growing from eggs

rockery scene

things born of where

things in a swamp bath

what came from the swamp

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