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Archipelago Cinema by Bűro Ole Scheeren.

cinema from the air

Bringing something of a new, or perhaps literal meaning to Cinema Paradisco, I cannot think of a better place to watch a film than on a floating island tethered off the coast of Thailand. Ole Scheeren has brought this dream to life with the Archipelago Cinema.

The project is a collaboration between Film on the Rocks Yao Noi Foundation, and Bűro Ole Scheeren. Film on the Rocks is interested in creating a dialogue between film and the natural habitat which it explores through showing films in natural if incongruous places. The fact it is incongruous makes this project so compelling.

There is something in this proposal of the anthropologist returning to a long lost tribe of the rainforest with the film he shot of them 20 years earlier...

from top of mountain

cinema at day

watching a film


cinema under construction

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