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Alga(e)zebo, by marcosandmarjan architects, The Bartlett,UCL, London.

Oozing, so to speak, from the nearby Bartlett School of Architecture is Alga(e)zebo. It is a playful sculptural Gazebo created from double curved steel plate that is laser cut into delicate, leaf-like canopies. The rusting petals wrap large culture jars that contain a brew of algae cooked-up by specialists at UCL.

The whole thing is rusting beautifully, but the designers, marcosandmarjan architects, also want it to be colonized by other types of plants and organisms. The organic form, and the formation of organisms, comment on the way architecture is increasingly able to assume natural, curvilinear form, whilst organic lifeforms are increasingly being manipulated by technological means.

In fact both aspects of this sculpture are only possible through the use of state of the art technology, and both hint at what technological developments we might soon benefit from. In this blog we are quite used to looking at the technological developments in architecture, but algae also promises all kinds of benefits from the consumption of spilt oil slicks, to the creation of fuel.

One of the pleasures of the cultural Olympiad in London, is to come across such thoughtful and interesting pieces of art in unexpected and unlikely public places.


algae column.


Algae brew.

Algae lab.

Under construction.

Workshop shot.

Another view.

Canopy detail.

Concept visualisation.

Concept visualisation.



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