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A taste of Tokyo. Three going to New York.

Photo credits: Tokyo Electric (2013), courtesy A4 Gallery.

The Japan Society of New York has invited “Three”, a group of artists from Japan, to exhibit in New York. Composed of three individuals who usually choose to remain anonymous, the group has been creating interest in their home country with beautiful installations that use everyday, mass produced objects, to comment on the consumer society that we now live in.

The artists come from Fukushima and were directly affected by the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear fall out. Their response, produced for the second anniversary of the multiple disaster, was “Tokyo Electric” exhibited at the A4 Gallery. It was a cube built from disposable plastic bottles that stands over 3 metres high. The cube was built to the same proportions as the stricken nuclear reactor, using 151, 503 fish-shaped, plastic soy sauce bottles - exactly the same number as people displaced by the reactor meltdown.

Another interesting installation was titled “eat me”. It featured around 7,000 individually wrapped sweeties that were suspended from the gallery ceiling in the form of a house. Visitors were encouraged to eat the sweets, and dispose of the wrappers by throwing them in a particular corner of the gallery. Eventually the house disappeared leaving a corner filled with rubbish.

There is much expectation about what Three will take to New York. We will revisit them when they arrive.

Photo credits: Saikoro (27 cubes)” 2012, courtesy the artist.

Photo credits: Tokyo Void ( 2010), courtesy the artist..

Photo credits: “Eat me” (2012) Kin Kato.

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