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Snohetta Wikipedia

A New Visual Identity for the Wikimedia Foundation by Snøhetta

Since 2001, the open-source platform Wikipedia, which belongs to the Wikimedia Foundation, has developed into the public encyclopedia of the internet. As a collaborative, freely accessible knowledge platform, Wikipedia now has an inventory of more than 50 million articles − in around 300 different languages − that are retrieved by 1.5 billion devices.

In order to reinvent their visual identity, the non-profit has joined with Snøhetta to anchor the infrastructure of free knowledge in the digital age. Heather Walls, Chief Creative Officer of the Wikimedia Foundation, stresses that Snøhetta has long been committed to developing socially sustainable design solutions and can create expressive brand identities that go beyond geographical borders and bring people together.

Sanda Zahirovic, Strategic Advisor at Snøhetta, says that commitment to both the democratization of knowledge and supporting equal access to knowledge is one of the core values of all cross-project designs. The documentation of the cooperative process can be followed at

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