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A monument for inconspicuous consumption: Eolica: a landmark tower by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

tower in the sky

Yesterday, I featured a mysterious and mystical tower that will be destroyed by wind but rebuilt and reborn. It moved in the breeze reflecting its surroundings. It become a spontaneous shrine for prayer.

In contrast, this concept tower designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos is devoted to wind, and hopes to generate power from it. The building does not move. It forms a landmark for the city, animated only by the sun and apparently shifting form revealed by the the shadows it casts. It expresses stillness in a turbulent atmosphere.

The sculptural qualities of the tower's form search to reconcile a positive view of society with its rapacious consumption of natural resources. At its base is a meeting room for 100 people as well as other facilities.

The building's formal arrangement of course resembles a church with an out-sized spire – a curious monument to less conspicuous consumption.

Views of tower top

more views of top

model views

single tower view

Two views

observation deck

generating room

site plan

Ground plantower plans




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