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A machine for waiting in: Gate house,Tokyo by ZSA.

Photo credits: ZSA.

When the Kambara Aluminium Company wanted a new gate house they saw an opportunity for a little advertising in its product. After due consideration they selected the architects ZSA to create a structure, completed in 2007, entirely out of aluminium.

Aside from the obvious advertising potential of an aluminium building for an aluminium supplier the building must also function as a gatehouse and a waiting area for guests visiting the factory. The entire structure is conceived around aluminium panels measuring 3m x 30cm x 7cm which form the roof and walls.

The remarkable thing about aluminium is the precision! With sharp corners, precise jointing, and a thoroughly engineered machine aesthetic, it does not really look like a building... more a vehicle of some kind.

It raises the question of why normal buildings are so sloppy in their tolerances.

View from above.

Rear view.


Night view.

Night view.

Ceiling detail.

Air vent detail.


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