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Arcgency, Copenhagen, Krane Hideaway

A different kind of luxury: The Krane hideaway in Copenhagen

Mads Møller of Arcgency has converted a former coal crane at Copenhagen harbour into a luxury apartment at the suggestion of the respective investor.  With its three levels and large terrace, the abode probably has the best views in the whole of the Danish city.  But it has one drawback:  the living quarters are located at a dizzying height and the individual floors are connected by outdoor staircases.

The reception area is located in a ground-floor container and is followed on the first floor by a glazed cabin that sports the name Glass Box. A 120-square-metre terrace and spa area are situated on the second floor, while the residential quarters themselves are on the topmost one.  The interior of this living space is solely in black in reference to the harbour crane's past, when it was used to load coal. In contrast to this dark interior, the window views of the sea, the sky and the harbour resemble framed pictures.

In the 21st century, the austerity of industrial aesthetics has come to stand for luxury. The more things disappear from our everyday lives, the more we miss them.  Moreover, harbour cranes have become popular art and design objects due to their sheer size; a few years ago, for example, a disused harbour crane from Rostock made it to downtown Zurich, where in its guise as art installation it now introduces a touch of maritime flair. With a design pared down to essentials, the harbour crane hideaway in Copenhagen is truly in keeping with the Danish tradition of understated elegance.

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