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Photo: ©Ara Levon Thorose

7M, 6M, 3M – Sculptural chairs by Ara Levon Thorose

Since gaining a master's degree in 3D design at Cranbrook Academy of Art, Ara Levon Thorose – a designer, artist and curator based in Detroit and Los Angeles – has focussed on research, innovative process development and experimental work with materials. His products are thus typified by unusual forms and surfaces.

This applies to his latest work, the 'Tubular Group 01' series of chairs, which although they recall sculptures at first glance actually fulfil the function of seats. The three items in the series take their names – 7M (blue), 6M (red) and 3M (yellow) – from the number of curves in their particular shapes. 

As the chairs are covered in neoprene rubber, they seem to have been freshly squeezed from a tube. The material also ensures firm and comfortable seating.  

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