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3Doodler: Sketch in 3D.

Architectural production was long since wrested from the domain of the hand drawing, much to the dismay of older architects that trained on the drawing board and never invested the time in learning CAD.

Divorced from the means of production their last refuge has been the hand sketch which they imperiously hand down to minions to work-up. All they can do is secretly regret their helplessness as their baby is taken from their creative pap to be nourished in the CAD incubator never to be directly shaped by the creator again.

Well the 3 Doodler from Wobbleworks might well be what they have been waiting for.

This 3 D printer is the first that can print an object in mid air. It does this by quickly cooling the ABS plastic as it comes out of a nozzle allowing a 3D sketch to be printed. The user can add further layers building-up the sketch in to whatever form is imagined.

The machine is driven by a stylus like pen that the operator draws with in mid. The machine can also work in 2D if the operator traces over paper. Unlike conventional 3D printers the machine does not need any special software to operate it, so most people should be able to use it with just a few minutes of experimenting. Perhaps even your boss!

The machine is just a prototype for the moment, but early fund-raising looks sufficiently promising that it will be available to buy soon.


Gratitude to gajitz.


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