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bergmeisterwolf, Aldrans, Villa B

Tradition abstracted: Villa B by Bergmeisterwolf

Aldrans, an Austrian municipality near Innsbruck, has scarcely 3,000 inhabitants. Villa B primarily has traditionally built houses with pitched roofs, stuccoed facades and details in wood in its neighbourhood. In view of this context, the architects of the Bergmeisterwolf studio in Brixen made it their task to take the familiar and make something new out of it.  In the process, they retained the appearance the classical gable elevation but had the roof rise up again at one side. The project accordingly bears the name “Faltung” (“Folds”) – a concept that can be spatially experienced both inside and out. 

The house clad in light-tinted plaster towers up against an impressive mountain backdrop.  Its three storeys face the street yet from the outside it is impossible to tell their number due to the free placement of the four openings, each sized totally differently. No gutters or eaves disrupt the look of the gable elevation, which has been reduced to essentials. Sliding shutters in rough-sawn slats of black-stained wood form a dark contrast to the light-coloured volume. Particularly great importance was attached in the project to the materials, which have been applied and installed with such precision and visual simplicity that even details make an abstract effect. Steel forms a seemingly seamlessly fit with plaster, and plaster ends flush at exposed concrete.

The interplay of materials is continued indoors. The vertical wooden panels on the staircase parapet correspond to the verticality of the board-shuttered fir-faced concrete of the wall. White plaster surfaces are covered by wainscoting in black or natural-coloured wood in a collage-like effect. Only a few of the room-forming walls on the inside run parallel to the exterior walls, resulting in a dynamic sequence of spaces that again and again leads to special views of the outdoors. Thanks to a void above the living area, the folded shape of the roof can also be experienced on the ground floor.

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Team: Alexander Karnutsch, Peter Reichhalter, Lorenzo Musio
Finishing: 2018
Area: 340 m²

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