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Subtly stratified: Single-family residence in Golo

In planning the building, the architects took the main particularities of the location into close consideration, seeking to fit their design into the unevenness of the terrain. The resulting house has three volumes of differing heights, as perceivable both indoors and outdoors. The colours of the autochthonous rocks are reflected in those of the façades, erected by pouring individual layers of pigmented concrete that are clearly discernible in the finished result.

The ground floor, which spans three separate levels, houses the living room, the kitchen with dining area and a study area completely clad in wood, its atmosphere determined by the wooden elements and an interplay of fair-faced concrete and polished terrazzo floors. The basement storey is actually at ground level and provides room for two bedrooms with an en-suite bathroom and sauna area. A further room is located at the level between the two main floors.

Windows have a double role in architecture: on the one hand they let in natural light; on the other, they establish a connection with the outside. In the Golo house, the openings in the outer walls are positioned to frame views onto the mountains. Whether focussed on individual peaks or lower-lying slopes, they provide the residents varied views of spectacular natural scenery that changes with the seasons.

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