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Eindhoven, Student Housing, Office Winhov, Campus

Prefabricated: Student Housing by Office Winhov on the Campus of the TU/e

On the northwest side of the campus of the Technical University, the new construction joins the architectural situation. By taking up the available themes, it makes a respectful addition to the existing structures. Further north, the Dommel River forms a natural border to the campus.

The basic shape of the building comprises two rectangular blocks. These are connected along their longitudinal sides. In order to break up the stark geometric pattern, the two parts are positioned offset to each other; the east portion faces the campus, while the west side faces the river to the north. The transverse façades soften the massivity of the new construction.

Prefabricated façade elements

Above the ground-floor zone, the student residence develops into 13 storeys. All views of the building follow a grid and are made of prefab concrete elements. Only the plinth area stands out. It is taller than the living storeys and seems more closed off from the outside. Like the prefab façade elements above it, it consists of the panels in a concrete sandwich construction. Various layers give the views depth and direct our focus to the rhythm of the façade. The ground level forms a smooth, polished concrete layer. The large-format windows have been set back a bit. A final layer with the concrete grid completes the prefabricated parts. They echo the look of the different levels as well as the division between the windows, giving the block a certain plasticity.

The entryway to the student residence is on the south transverse side. A central corridor links the areas on the foyer level. Beside a bicycle shed and a large communal space, visitors find an elevator and a stairway in the northernmost part of the building. There is space for 300 apartments on the living levels. Along with single apartments, there are also units designed for several students. Shared-use areas and roofed exterior zones on every level will promote community life.

As it is not only the façade elements, but also the flooring, bathrooms and fixtures that were completely prefabricated, it was possible to shorten building time. Indeed, on-site work included only the installation of the individual pieces.

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