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First-Aid Posts in Marseille

The industrial port city Marseille has been working for decades to improve its municipal coastline. In the 1970s the Prado beaches were created through landfill. Four new first-aid posts provide the public beaches with security and a sense of identity. The pavilions are situated centrally on the respective beach segments, and emergency vehicles can drive right up to them. The larger part of the building contains the first aid post; the smaller part houses restrooms for the bathers. The open entrance zone between them offers a view of the sea. The 7 m long prefabrcated trusses were delivered by helicopter. Hydraulic cylinders are employed to tilt up large sections of the facade. When a station is not in use, the facade facing the city is completely closed.

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DETAIL 11/2008

Timber Construction (also available as English Edition 1/2009)

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