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DesignBuild, TUM

Experience in Action! DesignBuild in Architecture

The DesignBuild teaching method, which also lets students build their designs, is seeing increasing demand; it is now offered at many architecture schools around the world. It is based on socially committed projects carried out in poorer regions of the world. However, some projects focus on deprived areas of the students’ own home countries. Apartment buildings, community centres, schools, hospitals and theatres are among the tasks realised single-handedly by students. In bringing these designs to life, the students learn to work with a wide variety of building materials and how to organize a building site. Cultural exchange plays an important role, for the students get to know people with whom they would otherwise never have come into contact. This has led to a critical examination of DesignBuild in terms of neocolonialism. The exhibition takes up this question and discusses it in interviews and statements. Nonetheless, the show aims first and foremost to present DesignBuild to a wider audience as a practical learning method and to motivate a deeper investigation of the subject.

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Experience in Action! DesignBuild in der Architektur,
Vera Simone Bader und Andres Lepik, (Hg.)
Edition Detail, München 2020, 208 Pages, german and english Edition

A detailed print documentation is available in our issue DETAIL 3/2020 concerning the topic "Mobility".
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