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Second Home London Fields, Estudio Cano Lasso

Adventure playground office: Second Home London Fields by Cano Lasso

The Second Home London Fields is located in Hackney, an East London borough that has evolved from a working-class district into a hip quarter for designers and artists over the past few years.  Estudio Cano Lasso has not only responded to the historical structures of Morley Hall, formerly at the site, but has also made the building an eye-catcher by giving it a new main facade. A multilayer structure inspired by Frei Otto’s work now sheathes the frontage like a translucent veil above the bright orange plinth, and consists of a steel tensegrity frame and an ETFE membrane that subtly permits views into the interior without revealing too much. Ventilation of the curtain wall is guaranteed by porthole-like openings in the shell.

Along with a café, a kindergarten under the care of N Family Club is located on the ground floor, complete with an adventure playground on the roof. This alone is to make Second Home London Fields into the most family-friendly workplace in the city. The remaining storeys are filled with vibrantly coloured workspace environments. 

Estudio Cano Lasso designed the rooms with their extant historical structures totally in the signature style of the co-working company; i.e. meaning they are bursting with colour, filled with light and full of references to nature. The latter is expressed not only in the form of leafy plants but also in the organic design of the interior.  Versatile fitted furnishings, partitions and tables wind their sinuous way through the rooms, creating varied workspaces and delineating booths and areas for quiet concentration as well as meeting rooms. The differing zones provide space for one and all and can be adapted to their users, whether a one-man firm or a small start-up.  Round openings in the floors make it possible to see all the way through the co-working building, and create an inspiring work atmosphere while underscoring Second Home’s concept of collectivity.

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