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AllesWirdGut, Belgium, Austrian permanent representation, Brussels

A New Interior Life: Austrian Permanent Representation in Brussels by AllesWirdGut

In order to adapt Austria’s representation in Brussels to the modern age, AllesWirdGut Architekten developed a concept based on the flexible control of spatial distribution and use. They have implemented a curtain system that makes changing room sizes as needed a simple affair. In an easy, intelligent way, spaces can be adapted for use as smaller conference rooms or larger event halls. Moreover, the textile partitions function as veils to conceal storage areas, regulate acoustics and indoor climate conditions, and control the amount of daylight entering the space.

High-Quality Materials
Along with the variable setup of the floor plan, high-quality materials characterize the spaces of the Austrian representation in Brussels. Their muted colours perfectly complement the rust-red curtains. Smooth-polished stone in the reception areas, brushed wood in the form of wall cladding, flooring and fittings and patinated brass accents determine the overall image. The architects from AllesWirdGut have used textiles and leather to round out the material palette, which was chosen with quality and durability in mind.

Traditional Artisanship
The work has been carried out by Austrian companies, whose traditional artisanship has brought a native touch to Brussels. Their passion for their materials, and handling those materials, is apparent even in the final details, for instance the lovingly worked engravings on the tables. AllesWirdGut Architekten have transformed the Austrian representation into a contemporary, yet emblematic, workplace.

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