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A Continuum of Space: Creative Workshop in Innsbruck

Financing the project presented a difficult challenge. The first ideas - a house of recycled glass or a flexible wooden box – soon proved unfeasible. As a consequence, studio3, the Institute for Experimental Architecture, was commissioned with the design. Within the framework of their bachelor projects, 30 students worked on various concepts. Ultimately, the design by Niklas Nalbach was chosen for further development. Nalbach’s concept was realized in a cooperative effort with structural engineers, architects and specialist planners. Furthermore, it was financed exclusively by corporate and private sponsorship, brick sponsors and volunteer work.

The creative studio is a low-slung, dynamic building in wood, which asserts itself at the south end of the Rapoldipark. Completely covered with white EPDM foil, the star-shaped edifice extends its rays in every direction, creating various qualities of exterior space. To the north, a generous wooden terrace complements the studio. Ramp-like access points present a seamless transition to the surrounding park. Furthermore, the ramps preclude barriers and lead visitors along a fluid path from the outside in.  

Once inside, visitors encounter a continuum of bright spatial sequences that seem to meld. Low, darker areas glide into open, raised zones. The rays branch out, offering views in all directions. The 240 m² are home to a materials workshop, media studio and painting room. An office, kitchenette and bathroom complete the spatial program. Bespoke built-in fixtures and seating fit precisely into the interior, which has been completely clad in untreated plywood. 

For the school of art and architecture called bilding, a modern workshop has been created that offers an appropriate space not only for creative work, but also for hanging out and relaxing. The result is an experimental space “by young people, for young people”, which encourages cooperative learning and design. What’s more, it will make them want to roll up their sleeves, grow and develop.

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