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The Factory: A cultural centre, Nantes, France by Tetrarc.

Photos: Stéphane Chalmeau.

Andy Warhol famously called his New York City studio “The Factory”. Later the British pop music producers Stock Aitken and Waterman called their operation the “Hit Factory” as it churned-out hit after hit of 1980s pop music.

This “Factory” designed by Tetrarc seeks to combine workspace for both image and music making but takes its inspiration not from the repetitive nature of industrial production but from its architecture.

An old concrete air raid shelter forms the plinth of a new studio block and creates an interstitial layer between the two that acts as a covered courtyard. Other elements include the appropriation of an old glazed industrial shed and a new concert hall within an independent building.

The concept is all about responding and digesting historical usage of the site to create contemporary interpretations that can inspire the next wave of creative production.

Existing bunker forms plinth.

Concert hall external perspective.

Detail of studio block.

Covered courtyard.

Concert hall building.

Glazed hall.

Exhibition within glazed hall.

Office internal view.

Bar area by day.

Bar by night.


Street view.

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