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No Fallen Star: Halley Exterior Lamp Provides a Heavenly Light

The name of this exterior lamp designed by duo Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal for the Barcelona firm Vibia is in keeping with its source of inspiration: Halley. While we will have to wait until 2061 for the real Halley’s Comet to next appear (so the astronomers have calculated), this standing lamp can shed light both indoors and out.

The profile of the bowed polycarbonate diffusor conceals a strip of LEDs which not only has a great visual lightness, it also provides a surprising lighting effect. The arched lamp, which can touch the ground at both ends, is easily assembled and taken apart, so it can be moved at any time.

The lamp comprises three component parts joined by means of a click system. Weights in the stainless-steel base ensure stability.

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