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Multi-storey multiplex: Parking Housing by Aaron Cheng.

View in parking mode.

Time multiplexing is a term usually used by electronic engineers to describe the sharing of a finite resource such as bandwidth with as many users as possible. The need to time multiplex has crept into architecture during the process of industrialisation, but more widely so in the twentieth century when buildings became increasingly specialized.

In this project by Aaron Cheng which is under consideration for the James Dyson Awards, the problem is expressed as parking buildings versus living space. But it could also be expressed in other formulas such as office space versus living space.

This question is becoming increasingly studied because it is so inefficient to have expensive buildings that occupy space and embody resources, that are used for perhaps half a typical working day.

In this inventive example a pneumatic shelter is proposed that would inflate an ETFE skin stored within a permanent utility module to occupy the space that, during the day, was a carpark.

Of course, many questions are raised about how this might work in practice. But it is important that at least the questions are being asked.

View in living mode.

Side elevation in living mode.

Aerial view

Statement of the problem.

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