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Fun for Art: Pavilion of Reflections on Lake Zurich

The Pavilion of Reflections was built by the students of the ETH Zürich with Studio Tom Emerson. Financial support and design cooperation came from the EKZ electricity provider, who are the main sponsors of the project. The platform, located near Bellevue on the basin of Lake Zurich, is a floating island measuring 600 m² and weighing 170 tonnes. It is a successful combination of outdoor swimming pool and cultural centre offering a gigantic LED screen, a public gallery, pool and bar: space for reflection, discussion and fun. During the day, the pavilion invites its guests to swim and relax. In the evening, the platform transforms itself into a cinema allowing the audience to keep up with the activities underway at the Manifesta.

The project has a further, ecological application: it is made of wood from trees felled in the Unterstammheim district. These trees had to be cut down because of an infestation of bark beetles. Some of the wood has a bluish tinge; otherwise, it is in perfect condition.

The Pavilion will open on 11 June, hopefully in good swimming weather, and will remain in the lake for the 100 days of the Manifesta 11 biennale.

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