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Architecture farm a speculation on mass housing by Akihisa Hirata.

This post is about introducing the promising young architect Akihisa Hirata's way of thinking about architecture. It is one of two posts today examining his work, the other being a built project: The Bloomberg Pavilion.

For the moment Architecture Farm remains speculative. It begins with creating a flowered growth from a coffee cup. This static image illustrates how simple objects can be developed into complex and beautiful forms. A second exercise, illustrated on a video loop, repeats the process with a torus shape taking it further, by adding text to some of the evolved forms, suggesting architectural possibilities.

An apartment building, crudely rendered, is further developed from the flowered form and now we see the architecture emerging. Another stage looks at how several apartment buildings might grow from the same rule set that is now established. Before long, we have a self-replicating growth of housing, that if watered with sufficient development funds, might well be cultivated into a rose-tinted wonderland that can be 3d printed at full scale over a weekend for... a couple of quid per apartment.

Hirata has just won the Venice Biennale, and he will have a solo exhibition in London at the Architecture Foundation September 18th – November 17th.

Developing a familar form.

Intermediary an apartment building.

Interior shot.

Analysis of programme.

Apartments sprouting like mushrooms.

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