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Winery, Beijing by Sako Architects.

Whilst creating a building in a star shape might seem capricious, it is a theme that has occurred many times historically. Military architecture such as castles were often star shaped, at least during a certain period. And just yesterday I came across a long forgotten text by Modernist Swiss architect Le Corbusier, discussing star-shaped plans... rather unfavourably.

So having established historical precedents for the form let us explore further the intentions behind this winery, designed by Sako Architects.

Lets note in passing that evoking classical and historical precedents that resonate with European cultures, noted for celebrating wine, seems like a firm note on which to establish a winery that is situated in a culture not yet known for wine.

As for the plan, the arms of the star are arranged to correspond with the functions of the operation: the winery, a restaurant, a showroom, a bar and private apartments covering some 2,000 square metres.

Inside, there is a brooding atmosphere reminiscent of an old castle. On the exterior, the building sits in the midst of a plane, encompassed on two sides by water. Its posture is of ancient fortification.

We can only hope the guests find the building pregnable.

Gratitude to Architizer.

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