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Soraya Visitsopa, Ayutthaya, Bangkok Project Studio

Wine Ayutthaya by Bangkok Project Studio

A new leisure centre for wine lovers has arisen on the banks of the Mae Nam Chao, Thailand’s second-largest river. Plans for the new building originated with the hope that it would become a new tourist attraction and accelerate economic development in the poor region, which surrounded the old capital of Thailand 400 years ago.

The building is 9 metres high and has a square floor plan. The construction consists entirely of steel-reinforced plywood. Inside, four platforms serve as viewpoints for visitors, offering various views of the river, which flows past just outside. Five spiral staircases lead to the individual platforms. The ground floor is home to the wine bar and the seating placed between the stairways. The stairs, apart from their immediate purpose, also function as additional supports. Furthermore, they guarantee an extraordinary spatial experience.

Plywood is a material that is generally used only for interior work. In the new wine house, it has been used both for construction and to delimit the individual areas of the building.

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