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When the moon hits your eye: Lights by Matteo Ugolini for Karman.

As a student I lived in lots of places, mostly dives that were recommended by virtue of the fact they were clean, and relatively inexpensive to rent. However, the true price paid for inhabiting such uninspiring rooms was the inexorable sapping of the spirit, a finite resource at the best of times. In one such dwelling, gorged on love, and therefore insulated from my surroundings, I was certain that I could see the stars whilst staring heavenward, awake at night.

That memory is evoked by these lamps designed by Matteo Ugolini for Karman.

Known as Ululì-Ululà, the pieces in this lighting collection are reminiscent of the full moon, and as any romantic knows, that is enough to bring apparent peace and contentment on the world. Well, for a short period at least.

The lights are made from painted fibreglass with lace patterns suggesting whatever wide eyes can see in them.

My own stars turned out to be luminous paper, stuck on there by the previous tenant. The love was real enough.

Christopher C. Hill.

Gratitude to the Contemporist.

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