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Hidden Pavilion by Penelas Architects

Well-Concealed: Hidden Pavilion by Penelas Architects

The project fulfils the clients’ wish for a place of meditation and retreat. The new pavilion stands in the middle of the forest, surrounded by nature and screened from inquisitive glances. Trees frame the house and penetrate the space through the openings in the terrace floor and railing created specifically for this purpose. Generous façade glazing reinforces the presence of nature in the interior.

The roof surface above the upper level has been given a slope in order to guarantee enough space for a 200-year-old oak directly near the house. Only three materials determine the effect of the structure: the load-bearing steel construction with its slightly rusty surface, glass and cherry wood, which was used to build the inside. Five high light wells on the roof catch the sunbeams and create a special experience of illumination in the house. 
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