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Photo: James Silverman

Well-camouflaged: Hunting lodge by Snøhetta

The building is situated in splendid isolation next to a lake in an untouched mountain region near Akrafjorden, in the western part of Norway.

In their design, the Snøhetta architects made use of grass, rock and heather, which all characterise the terrain to blend the lodge with its surroundings so it can hardly be made out against the landscape, thus retaining the unspoilt character of the region. 

Two arched steel beams connected with several layers of timber mix modern expression with the traditional look of Norwegian mountain huts. The roof is covered with moss and stones, making the lodge practically invisible from above.  

The biggest challenge was to design the building with its 35 square metres of space to accommodate 21 guests. This has been achieved by again quoting tradition: a central fireplace acts as the gathering point for all the occupants of the lodge, and beds along the walls serve as seating during the day. Space for necessary cooking utensils, etc. is provided for in a narrow zone next to the entrance.

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